Welcome and thank you for stopping by the official website for C Company 1st North Carolina Cavalry (aka 12th Missouri Cavalry).  We are a civil war re-enacting unit based in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri, portraying and teaching the history of the American Civil War through living it.

The 1st North Carolina Cavalry, originally known as Stuart's Tarheels, is one of the few Civil War re-enactment units in Nebraska. Established in 2001, the 1st North Carolina is dedicated to the preservation of our American Civil War heritage by accurately portraying the War between the States soldier in the Cavalry during the War of Northern Agression.

We are Company C, 1st North Carolina Cavalry, a family oriented group. We are dedicated to maintaining and bringing to life the history and visions of our great nation and state as it occurred during the American Civil War.  We are looking for mounted and dismounted troopers as well as cooks, camp followers and civilians etc...  We have many positions open for your interests including Company Surgeon, Ferrier, saddler, cook, laundress etc.    Contact Capt Slocum at slocum@centurylink.net for more information. 


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