About Us

We are a Family oriented group Based in Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa and Kansas.  We portray cavalry from the War between the States.   We have both mounted and dismounted sections.    Our company has joined with several other companies of re-enactors and formed a new bigger group called the South West Cavalry Brigade.   We are always looking for new recruits.    We have many positions availble.   Not only within the company but also in the brigade.   We have all genres in our brigade, we have Mounted cavalry and dismounted cavalry groups as well as artillery and engineers.   We are also looking for wagons and teams for a supply and ambulatory groups.   We are also looking for individuals wanting to do a cavalry medical impression.   OUr Brigade has also elected to join Cleburnes Division for 150th national events.   Our schedule for next season has been outlined and is posted in the events tab. Come back often and check out our gallery and we will post updates as we can under news.


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