C Company 1st North Carolina Cavalry/ 12th MO Cavalry/2nd Colorado Cavalry

 February 16, 2014

Dear Friend,         

                     I am writing this letter on behalf of our historical interpretive association, C Company 12th Mo Cav/ 1st North Carolina Cav/ 2st Colorado Cav. We have three main impressions, one federal and two confederate. We also have a western theater guerrilla impression. We are part of a co-operative effort by several Missouri based re-enacting units, The Southwest Cavalry Brigade. working together with the common goal of keeping history alive and passing its lessons on to the next generation through re-enactments, historical presentations and school programs. Our unit has both mounted and dismounted sections. As you might suspect the costs associated with getting this unit to events can sometimes be rather pricey. We are asking you to partner with us in helping us continue to share our nations rich history with the next generations. We accept all manner of contributions, from food, lamp oil, candles, and other camp necessities to money for fuel and uniforms, and other necessary items. We try to keep the costs to new members as low as possible by allowing them access to loaner gear, another avenue to donate would be in these types of items needed by individuals just starting out. A list of consumables and items used or needed can be provided upon request. Right now fuel is the biggest cost on our mounted side.. Dragging trailers and horses all over MO and into IA and NE and beyond gets expensive‚Ķ but the crowds sure like seeing them in action! Any help you can render would be greatly appreciated and amounts over 250 will receive a letter recognizing the donation as tax deductible. Thanks in advance for helping us continue to bring history to life‚Ķ.


Capt Sean Slocum,

Cmdg C Co. 1st N.C. Cav/12th MO Cav/2nd CO Cav

Southwest Cavalry Battalion

1st Div 3rd Brgd 5th Bttn Cleburne's Division

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