The 150th anniversary the War Between the States continues in 2015.   There will be many events to choose from, and our unit chosen the following events to participate in.. 

 2015 Schedule of Events 

Jan 31st  Annual Southwest Cavalry Brigade Meeting

March 20-22 
Southwest Cavalry Brigade Annual Spring Muster to be held at Shoal Creek Living History Museum in Independence MO.

April 24-26th 
Hartville MO or Sedalia MO…. This is a split event at this time until more info is gathered and confirmed. Stay tuned for updates. The Dismounted has plans to attend the Hartville event, but due to some speculation as to the size/nature of the planned battlefield concerned was raised as to the safety of horses. As of this posting The mounted Choose to attend the Sedalia MO event. As information becomes available we will make a final ruling on this event. Hartville is an MCWRA event with possible bounties.

May 29-31st 
Camdenton MO Bounties have been promised MCWRA event
June 12-14th 
Greenville MO Hulston Mills & Nevada MO…. Again this seems to be a split event./. With the mounted attending both days of the Hulston Mills event while the dismounted attends the Bushwhacker Days in Nevada MO.

Sept 4-6th 
Lamoni IA. This is the 13th annual Civil War Days in Lamoni and each year it gets better.. In spite of its organizer and enabler. Same bounties as last year

Sept 18-20th
Herman MO. Sounds like a very exciting event with River Gun boats, pyrotechnics for arty duels etc… Bounties have been promised. MCWRA event

Oct 9-11 
Shoal Creek Living History Museum. Many of us have been here before for one day events. This year they are trying for a full fledged weekend. MCWRA event

As we are all volunteers, we can only afford to go to so many per year.  

 So if anyone would like to donate to help us get out to more events this next season contact Capt Slocum.

Make suggestions if you know of more locals you want to try for, and we need to gather more often to drill as we are very much lacking in our drills events.
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